Saturday, July 26, 2008

Me again

I seem to have a lot to say all of a sudden.  After last week's discussion and article, I just wanted to call everyone's attention to the "news" (reported yesterday) that boys are not innately better at math (gasp!).  It seems that girls and boys are doing equally well on standardized math tests - take that author whose name I've already forgotten!!

That being said, the same is not true of Minnesota.  According to the Star Tribune, while Minnesotan girls and boys perform at the same level on standardized math tests through the eighth grade, by the time they reach eleventh grade girls fall behind.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I fail at computers...

Okay, here's the actual website:

Women in Athletics

I'm currently procrastinating from studying for the GRE.  Lucky for me, I am able to justify my procrastination by catching up on my news, etc.  Since the article we read a couple weeks ago about Title IX was a little old, I thought you guys might find this website interesting.  This specific page has a few facts about Title IX and there are links to other pages that give more information on the law and its history.  

The fact I found most provocative? "Title IX compliance has been driven by law suits and the threats of law suits.  Although the law states that schools that violate TItle IX will lose their federal funding, in thirty years no school has ever lost federal funding for not complying with Title IX."  Hmm... just some food for thought.