Friday, May 30, 2008

New article!!!

This week we are continuing our focus on the media. We have one new article and the half hour long video from last week which Katie linked below. The article talks about the current female body archetype and the industries that push that archetype. I love the quote at the beginning so I thought I'd transcribe it for everyone:

"To men a man is but a mind. Who cares what face he carries or what he wears? But woman's body is the woman."

- Ambrose Bierce

Love, love, love, DZ

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Charles S. Areni said...

The really sad thing is that this view (woman = woman's body) is still very much alive and well in the medical community. The PMDD of today bears a rather striking resemblance to the "hysteria" of yester year, wherein a malfunctioning uterus was thought to drive a woman to erratic, emotional behavior. Now with PMDD they blame malfunctioning hormones. Nice to know that "science" has progressed so far.