Thursday, March 6, 2008

International Women's Day

¡Bienvenidos Compañeras!

It is suiting that the burgeoning light of the modern feminist movement (A.K.A. “No Fat Chicks” the feminist discussion group) should come just one day after International Women’s Day. Surprise-surprise, but this is not a recognized holiday of the United States (A.K.A. “La Tierra Del Machismo”). While our very own Jason Lewis claims on Minnesota airwaves that the college rape epidemic is “a lie,” our “glass ceiling” has been cast iron, and the walls of ignorance and marginalization are slowly closing in. Young girls become indoctrinated to believe that their claustrophobia is the byproduct of too much time in gym shoes and on the rag and not enough time playing doll or playing with dolls. But statistics don’t lie, for that is the province of talk show hosts and history books. And though the movement to suppress feminist discussion is winning, the war is far from over. For mere conversation, in a society that only sees flames on the wall (thank you Socrates), is a slippery-slope that will galvanize all whom it touches. I look forward to meeting you all on Sunday.

And on this Saturday, let us remember the intimate connection which the feminist struggle has with all other struggles in this society of oppression. A day founded among perpetual class struggle, International Women’s Day and the women’s struggle will forever be sisters with world class struggle. Their goals are not mutually exclusive nor their struggles separate. But, their successes are wholly and necessarily contingent upon each other. Because of the 1/3 of the world’s population that lives in absolute poverty, according to the World Bank (hardly a beacon of progressive thought), the vast majority of those are women. This statistic does not lie. Let us remember it while remembering the roots behind this great holiday and why it is so important to celebrate.

¡Ya Basta!

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