Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Speech

Hey, guys, it's not explicitly feminism related (although it certainly can be applied), but I would encourage all of you to watch or read Barack Obama's speech he recently gave in Pennsylvania in response to his former preacher's comments. Basically, he does exactly what I was hoping he would do if he became president (before even clinching the nomination), which is to publicly address to the American people that inequality is still a huge problem and that everyone is a part of that problem.


Derek Zumbach said...

I really liked the speech, got a little emotional while listening to it on NPR yesterday, but it blew my gord that its gotten as much press as it has. I kind of wonder how this is going to effect the general election... I think I'm gonna read some conservative websites and see how they are spinning it

Katie said...

The spinning, Derek, has gotten out of control, it seems. It is unbelievable that these people listened (or didn't) to the same speech that we did, and in some horribly broken distillation process, summarize the speech with, "Obama refuses to denounce pastor..." or in one extreme case, with, "Obama denounces United States." It is so sad. I thought it was an incredibly hopeful speech--for everyone.

Mandi said...

I saw a blurb about the speech and how he was losing votes so I watched it. The blurb I read sounded like "Obama said he hates whitey, and that black people are taking over as soon as he is in office". So I had to watch. I still can't figure out where he hates whitey. He's such a peaceful hippie in that speech. His cool points went up for me.