Monday, March 17, 2008

A Revelation! (sort of)

Dear Team Feminism,

I just wanted to write a quick thank-you note for our conversation at last night's meeting. As some of you may or may not know I've been dealing with a break-up over the last couple of weeks that has been quite difficult for me, primarily in the sense that I've felt a pretty profound sense of loss over the relationship and the fact that this person was, at one point, someone I really felt I could grow with. In an effort to keep this short and in order to respect the fact that this group is not primarily meant to be "group therapy" I won't go into more details. However for some reason at last night's "session" (there I go with the therapy terms...) I was finally able to come to really internalize the possibility and even the likelihood that this person may not ever be able to provide the intellectual and emotional encouragement that I would look for in a committed, romantic relationship. Also, the idea that each individual is a whole person, even without a man (*gasp*) was really reinforced by our thought processes yesterday; and, although I have always readily and eagerly embraced that fact regardless of what is going on in my life, I was not really "feelin' it" enough to apply it in my current healing process until last night. It really helped me to reflect on these issues with an articulate group of individuals such as yourselves - sometimes even though you "know" something, it just needs to be said in a different way (or many different ways) in order for it to really apply.

So, I won't make you spend any more of your time reading this, but just thanks very much for inadvertently (or advertently) providing me this emotional clarity through your logic and conviction. I can now go to Spring break in Mexico ready to show off my toddies in a more empowered and feminist-inspired manner.

Kisses and margaritas on the beach,

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