Friday, April 18, 2008

Amazing new articles (what fun)!

Yay marriage week #2! I want to remind people that, while we should definitely be polite, we really should not hesitate to disagree with one another! Saying "I disagree" is wonderful and should be done even if you don't have the most amazingly articulate way of explaining why when you say it. Hmm the articles...

Katie's article, "Few Good Men", takes a look at the reasons poor mothers are so often single mothers and my "article" is actually the 4th chapter of Arlie Hochschild's book "The Second Shift". Below is a clip from a review of Hochschild's book that introduces it well:

"In THE SECOND SHIFT: WORKING PARENTS AND THE REVOLUTION AT HOME, Arlie Hochschild holds up to the light this and many other strategies by which women and men in two-career marriages juggle work pressures and family needs. Between 1980 and 1988, Hochschild and her research associates interviewed fifty couples at great length. Hochschild also observed family life in a dozen homes. At the heart of her book are the stories of eleven couples. All but two are members of the middle and upper-middle class; each couple has made decisions and developed justifying myths a bit differently. Each has its own “economy of gratitude.”
Hochschild is very much interested in the interrelationships between power--perceived and actual--and bonds of human caring."

Both are wonderful, hope to see you all Sunday!


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