Thursday, April 10, 2008

This weeks articles are up!

So early this time! We begin our foray into marriage this week, brace yourselves for a delightful and contentious discussion! The Susan Moller Okin piece has defined my personal beliefs on marriage as an institution, you only have to read up to the little doodle of a man's head for the meeting but I added another chapter to the scan for those who would like to go a little further (the actual article is much longer if anyone would like the whole thing email me). Our second article discusses the connections between marriage and poverty and our current government's belief that marriage is the answer to poverty. We also have a supplemental this week courtesy of Chen which discusses the origins of marriage and the bible. If you are unfamiliar with the origins of the institution please read this piece!

There are going to be two guests missing this week so you are again encouraged to bring a literate friend or mother etc etc.

If someone would like to bring treats, or come early and cook treats, that would be awesome.

Much love friends!


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