Monday, April 7, 2008

Protecting our Servicewomen

In 2003, the Defense Department funded a survey. It found that almost a third of all servicewomen were the victims of rape or attempted rape while serving in the Armed Services. Almost ONE THIRD. But military bases are not required to stock their supplies with emergency contraception (i.e., EC or the morning after pill). Let's protect the women that protect us.

Here's the N.O.W. website with more information.

Please get involved. We're doing such a great job discussing these issues--let's take action!!!

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Derek said...

I sent an unedited copy of the letter.. I'm told that at most representatives have staff tally the number of inquiries on particular issues so I figure I got a check mark for the cause.

Thanks for bringing attention to this particular issue Crystal its really quite a big deal and I had no knowledge of it before.