Monday, April 7, 2008

What if...the ERA had been passed?

Is this a coincidence? You tell me.

So today we talked about the history of feminism, the first and second wave...and the failure of the ERA...and then Kate mentions that Japan's constitution was drafted by our government and it includes EQUAL RIGHTS for both men and women.

And then this was on the front page of We wondered how life would be different if men and women were equal BY LAW in this country. Maybe we can take a hint from Japan. I am tongue in cheek, of course...I think. It is an interesting twist, nonetheless.

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Derek said...

"What drives the business boom is an increase in the earning power of Japanese women"

That is something that I hadn't specifically thought of.. should women have equal representation in the upper echelons of business etc there really would be new markets opening up to to serve their niche. New markets would be a concrete sign of progress I suppose.